Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pudina Chutney

Pudina Chutney

Whether you want to use pudina chutney for dosa or pudina chutney for idli, this chutney, also known as mint chutney, is a right choice.  In fact, pudina chutney is an excellent side dish for rava idli.  Thanks to the pudina’s fine aroma and taste.  This side dish also has nutritients.  According to the USDA National Nutrient Database data, mint is rich in, among others, water, calcium, iron, potassium and vitamin A.

Pudina also scores well on the availability point – You can find it in the market, usually, throughout the year.  If you want to make chutney, juice or another cuisine from this green leaves, make sure you buy them fresh.  It is because old pudina leaves may have fewer nutrients.

You can easily grow pudina / mint in your backyard or kitchen garden.  Just plant one of the sprigs, preferably with the root, of the pudina you buy.  Take care of it, and you are sure to get a plenty of yield.

Now, back to the pudina chutney.  It has two variants.  The first variety is prepared without using coconut and is ideal for dishes like samosa. The second type is made with coconut and is good for idlis and dosas.

Do you need any special ingredient to make pudina chutney? Not at all.  In fact, the common items like coriander leaves, coconut and, of course, the pudina leaves, is all you need to make this side dish.

For step-by-step instructions, with photos, on how to make pudina chutney, visit:

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