Sunday, July 14, 2013

Methi Pulao and other Food from Fresh Methi Leaves

Methi Leaves Grown in a Pot

Methi Pulao with Methi Leaves as the Main Ingredient

How to Grow Methi Leaves in a Pot?

Grow methi in a pot or on land in your garden.

Here are the steps to grow methi leaves:

1. Sprinkle a few methi seeds on the soil.

2. Take an object like a spatula and mix the seeds with the soil.

3. Sprinkle water.

4. Gently water the pot everyday. Within a few days the seeds will sprout.

Which green leaves / vegetable is a strong source of calcium?

Methi / fenugreek leaves are a rich source of calcium and iron, among others.

Methi is one of the vegetables / green leaves that is said to provide the necessary calcium for maintaining bone health.

Food made from Methi Leaves

Methi pulao, methi vangi bath are two of the popular cuisines made from methi leaves.

On some Sundays or when you want to try a pulao that is not in the same line as the regular pulaos, try methi pulao or methi vangi bath.

Food, such as the above, made from methi leaves is not only delicious but also give health benefits.

Onion raita or coconut chutney are among the side dishes you can use for the above cuisines.

Use methi leaves to make a sambar that is different from the sambars you typically make.

For methi pulao and methi vangi bath recipes, visit:

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