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Research studies have shown that food cooked through steaming retains much of its nutrients in comparison to the traditional way of cooking.  For instance, steam cooking enables the vegetables to preserve their color, taste and minerals and vitamins.

A research study conducted by the USDA found that steam cooking "significantly improved the in vitro bile acid binding" of vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, and green pepper.  The study says that, "Bile acid binding potential has been related to lowering the risk of heart disease and that of cancer."

Source: pubmed.gov.

A number of south Indian vegetarian cuisines can be prepared from steam cooking.  What are these vegetarian dishes? Ottu shavige / idiyappam, rice shavige upma / akki shavige uppittu, rava idli (which is also known as suji idli / semolina idli), rice rava idli, oats idli, kadabu, sabudana idli, momos and, of course, the conventional idli are among the food that requires steam cooking.

In the above list, ottu shavige and rice shavige upma are among the dishes that score high on the taste scale too.

Ottu Shavige / Home-made Rice Noodles / Rice Shavige

Akki Shavige Uppittu / Rice Shavige Upma

Oats Idli

Idli, Chutney and Sambar

Rava Idli

Do you need to have any special utensil for steaming?  The pressure cooker / rice cooker you use for everyday cooking enables you to prepare the above south Indian vegetarian dishes.

Visit the page Steam-cooked South Indian Veg Food Recipes, at southindianvegrecipes.com, to find out how to cook dishes like ottu shavige, rava idli, rice shavige upma and oats idli.

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