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Murukku | How to make Murukku

Murukkus and Murukku Machine

Murukku is a south Indian vegetarian snack that has stood the test of times.  It is a food that is popular since many, many years.  Although it is a deep-fried snack, still, generally, everyone likes it.  What is that in murukku that makes it appealing to many?  The tastiness and crunchiness of murukku, perhaps, are the reasons for its fame.

By the way, murukku is also known by such names as chakli and chakkuli.

With coffee or tea, murukku could make a superb evening snack, especially on a cold or rainy day.  Do, however, have a control on how much you eat it, because this is a fried food.

To make murukkus, you need the murukku machine, which is usually available in stores that sell utensils.  These are made from copper, aluminum or steel.  Three or four types of murukku templates are also given to you when you buy the machine.  The templates enable you to make different shape and size murukkus.

Do you need to have any special ingredient to make this snack? Fortunately, no.  The items you use in everyday-cooking are all you should have to make murukku.  Rice flour is the main ingredient of this food.  The other things you need include red chilies, roasted gram dal and red chili powder.

You can store murukkus for many days.  A point you should also keep in mind on how to make murukku is that after you make this snack, you should store it in an air-tight container so the murukkus do not become soft.

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