Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Masala Vada Recipe | Chana Dal Vada Recipe

With the masala vada recipe, make mouth-watering vadas, also known as chana dal vadas, to be used as a side dish, usually for lunch.  On a cold or rainy day, masala vadas are sure to brighten up your mood!  This food can also be used as a snack.  Masala vadas are also an item that are prepared on some festival days.  These include Ugadi and Diwali. Chana dal is the key item in the masala vada recipe.

As an item made on a festival day, masala vada is generally consumed as a side dish.  If you would like to make the item to be used as a snack, you may want to serve it with coconut or pudina chutney and or tomato sauce.  The reason you may want to use one or more of these is to give an extra taste to the masala vada.

Masala vadas are deep-fried.  To add a healthy element to this food, use green leaves like pudina / mint, coriander, dill, curry leaves and methi.

Chana dal vadas are also served in vegetarian restaurants, also known as Darshinis, in Bangalore.  The masala vada at such a place will be usually bigger in size in relation to those made at home.  What side dish does a restaurant serve with the vada? Typically, the side dish will be coconut chutney.

Why not try making masala vadas at home? Here is the masala vada recipe / chana dal vada recipe with step-by-step instructions, photos and tips.

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